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AUR Body’s Hemp Oil is all natural. It can be used to soothe aches, calm nerves, and ease pains in a safe, non-prescription, non-addictive way. Because it matters what we put into our body.


Tincture Town

Soothing solutions inspired by your favorite desserts for all-over calm and pain relief. Try a squeeze in your morning coffee for a stress-free commute or a few drops before bed for a cozy, restful, all-night slumber. Add to food or drinks, or enjoy on its own: these tinctures are as delicious as they are effective.


Salve City

Soothing salves for all your aches and woes, from migraines to back pain to that bruise you got from walking into the coffee table. For best results, take a glob and warm it up in your hands before applying it directly to the limb or ligament in question.


Edibles Arrangement

The perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth and soothe your soul. Whether it’s been a long day at work or your first date with a treadmill, AUR Body’s edibles will satisfy. Pop one as often as you’d like throughout the day for a bit of sweet with a side of stress-relief.