Message From AUR Founder:

Modern medicine has the answers to many things but, not the answers to everything.

When I was an undergrad studying at NYU, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was told that I needed to stop drinking, partying, I needed to restructure my lifestyle if I wanted to manage my condition. Once I shared my diagnosis with my friends, they started opening up about struggles managing their own mental health conditions.
My friends were out here micromanaging their own mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. with alternative forms of medicine. Some of them were using prescription medications in tandem with Cannabis in order to get the best results. I learned that high Indica Cannabis strains can be used to deal with social anxiety, high CBD strains can be used to deal with depression. 
There was a movement happening in the mental health space alongside cannabis and people weren't talking about. AUR mission is to dissipate the stigmas surrounding mental health and the Cannabis industry, rework the messaging and open up the conversation. 
-Dori Light, Founder & CEO